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    Involved in a dispute with a neighbour, family or tradesman? We can help you resolve it.

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    Looking for speedy resolution of your business disputes?

  • lawyer mediation

    Helping lawyers provide proportionate dispute resolution services.

We have a wealth of experience helping people find
"out-of-court" settlements in the most difficult disputes.


Cost Effective

Mediation gives you the chance to resolve your dispute and save you potentially thousands of pounds in legal costs by avoiding the need to go to court.


The mediation process can be designed to suit your situation. The solutions you can achieve are not limited to what a court can award.


Don't want to wait months for a court to determine your dispute - we can arrange your mediation within a week or two.

Risk Free

You will not lose at a mediation - because you retain complete control of the solution.

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Very professional and personable. Showed a great deal of understanding and skill in achieving a resolution of a previously intractable dispute.

This was a difficult mediation with no co-operation from the other side. The mediator was fundamental in turning this around enabling us to reach a settlement by the end of the day.

An outstanding mediator dealing with an intractable problem. Patient, relaxed but determined to ensure a level playing field between the warring neighbours. First class. You will struggle to find a better mediator in a really difficult case.

Supporting people in conflict to find their own solutions. Work with us and resolve your dispute.

Although we are based in Cumbria we mediate disputes throughout the United Kingdom.

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